Eight Stops – One Appetizing Day

By Carl Whitehill – A “foodie,” I am not. Too many years spent as an underpaid bachelor years ago led me to choose chuck steak over filet. My choices came down to value over taste.

I grew up in a meat and potatoes household, and ethnic food – with the exception of some Italian cuisine here and there – wasn’t part of our family’s menu, sort of speak.Savor Gettysburg Food Tour (13)

As I got older, my palate has changed and I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for finer food, but now, as I’m raising two young boys – it’s not only about value, it’s about speed … the precious few minutes before children unravel at a restaurant.

This summer, with the boys at grandma’s, my wife and I set out to do something that neither one of us had considered before – a food tour. More specifically, the new Savor Gettysburg Food Tour. I’ve never been to seven restaurants and a winery in one month, let alone in one afternoon. This should be interesting.

My wife and I met Lori Korcyzk on the steps of El Costeno, a relatively new Mexican restaurant and one that I hadn’t been to yet. Lori is the heart and soul behind the Savor Gettysburg Food Tour, and she’s done her homework by taking food tours in other cities around the country.

We were among several other couples that late morning, and we all shared a similar look – one of eagerness with just a sprinkle of what-did-we-get-ourselves-into. But it wasn’t long until we were ushered inside, and the first bite of what would be many that day put our anxiety to rest.

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The format is simple – the tour features eight stops throughout Downtown Gettysburg. Each stop lasts about 20 minutes, and features a food sampling with a glass of water. The portion size was right on, and as Lori explained, the tour gets sweeter and lighter as the day goes on. Between each stop is a dab of history about the town and the battle that took place there in 1863. It’s not loaded with facts and figures, but more anecdotal and entertaining.

Restaurants/eateries included El Costeno, One Lincoln, Garry Owen Irish Pub, Café St. Amand, Gettysburg Cupcake Café, Farnsworth House Inn and Mr. G’s Ice Cream. A wine tasting was held at Hauser Estate Winery’s downtown tasting room.Savor Gettysburg Food Tour (12)

The next three hours featured forkfuls of crab macaroni and cheese, Irish breakfast bites and game pie; spoonfuls of homemade ice cream; handfuls of fajitas and cupcakes; and sips of lattes and great wine. It truly was an eclectic variety of food from around the world, something new would expect in little ole Gettysburg.

It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite stop. Each was so unique, that it’s hard to compare one to the other. I did, however, try a lot of food I’ve never eaten before – bangers and mash, carnitas, and pumpkin fritters. Each stop had me wanting to return someday, something that Lori hopes all her guests feel when they join her tour.

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As for the macaroni and cheese – a staple in my once value-centric diet … there’s no going back to the box after a helping of One Lincoln’s version.

About the author:
A resident of Adams County, Pa., for seven years, Carl is still finding nooks and crannies of the Gettysburg countryside to tire out his two young – and energetic – boys. Always on the search for ways to keep his crazy family active and adventurous, Carl prefers to lace up his hiking boots over firing up the car for a ride, but opts for going out for ice cream over a cold beer any day. He lives in Littlestown, Pa., with his wife, Kim, and sons – Colin and Christian.

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