Don’t Take a Raincheck on Gettysburg

By Carl Whitehill –

So, you’ve waited all year for your visit to Gettysburg, Pa. You packed your clothes, your camera, and the kids, and you’ve ventured off to Pennsylvania to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of this great town.

You’ve covered everything – a place to stay in, restaurants to eat in, an itinerary of everything you want to do. You’ve planned for everything. Except for rain.

Springtime brings great things to Gettysburg. Blossoms bloom throughout the countryside and trees bud leaves over the rolling hills and valleys. But here and there – spring also means rain.

Before you turn the car around at the sight of the dark clouds in the distance, not all is lost. Gettysburg and the surrounding countryside is beautiful no matter the weather – sun, clouds, rain and even snow.One Lincoln (4)

And while some experiences may not be the best under the soaking rain, it’s still worth the drive our way.

Gettysburg, as you’ve probably guessed, is home to a variety of museums – nice, dry museums. There are history museums of all sorts: an elephant museum, a motor racing museum, children’s museum, and a train museum. Here’s the full list –

If your children are in tow, there are a variety of indoor experiences that’ll keep them entertained – rain or shine – including movie theaters, Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve, hotel pools, book stores, as well as the many museums and historic sites that work well with kids.

If it’s just the adults this time, the Gettysburg region boasts wineries, spas, farmer’s markets and driving tours that’ll get you out and about – but keep you dry. And if you can brave a few drops between stores, Gettysburg is a destination that features many unique shops downtown in addition to its outlet mall just south of town._JHP8274

But if it’s the battlefield you really came looking for, there’s no reason to fret over a few raindrops. There are a plenty of ways to tour the battlefield – even in the rain – including auto tours, van tours and bus tours. And some tours, such as horseback tours, bicycle tours and even ranger walks will occur, short of a downpour and lightning.

Even our campgrounds have you covered – literally. Our campgrounds feature a variety of cabins so that you can leave the tent in the trunk and enjoy the comfort of a cabin, whether it be rustic or luxury.
And if that’s not enough – there are plenty of places in Gettysburg that, well, sell umbrellas.

For a list of all the ways to experience Gettysburg, rain or no rain, visit

About the author: 

A resident of Adams County, Pa., for seven years, Carl is still finding nooks and crannies of the Gettysburg countryside to tire out his two young – and energetic – boys. Always on the search for ways to keep his crazy family active and adventurous, Carl prefers to lace up his hiking boots over firing up the car for a ride, but opts for going out for ice cream over a cold beer any day. He lives in Littlestown, Pa., with his wife, Kim, and sons – Colin and Christian.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Take a Raincheck on Gettysburg

  1. Whilst I enjoy your blog posts I just feel that it is necessary to point out a couple of details….The elephant museum and motor racing museum that you speak of are not in Gettysburg. They are not even close. The elephant museum is 12 miles away in Ortanna, PA, and the motor racing museum is 17 miles away in York Springs, PA. With regards to the latter, that is a 20 minute + drive, depending on the route taken. I don’t think they should be claimed as being in Gettysburg when this is just not the case. They are not even close enough to be considered to be in the Greater Gettysburg area, either. I think your visitors would be better served if this was pointed out and not misled.

    • Thanks, Steve, and we’re happy that you enjoy our blog.

      You’re right – the elephant museum and racing museum are not in Gettysburg. Gettysburg is, however, a great reference point for the majority of our visitors who have never heard of York Springs or Orrtanna – where those two sites are located.

      Your point is valid and we’ll do a better job of explaining that these sites are near Gettysburg and not in Gettysburg.

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